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fracture, sprain, ligament tear.

You may have had a sports injury or just tripped, had a minor fall or moved your body in an awkward way… Fractures, sprains and ligament tears often need a period of immobilisation, restricted movement or restricted weight-bearing to facilitate heeling. This is commonly done with plaster casts or with Orthopaedic devices- i.e. splints/callipers/braces/orthoses.

In addition, some injuries might require long-term protection to prevent re-injury.

For instance, after ACL* or PCL** reconstruction, it is recommended to consider a protective knee-orthoses for high-impact activities. Please speak to an orthopaedic surgeon or to an Orthotist & Prosthetist for more information.

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*Anterior Cruciate Ligament

**Posterior Cruciate Ligament