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Orthoses are also known as Splints, Braces or Callipers.

Orthoses are orthopaedic devices intended to protect and/ or control parts of the anatomy.

They are used to prevent, control or correct musculoskeletal deformities such as contractures or club-feet, or to improve function or healing through improved alignment or restricted range of joint-motion. Common items such as foot orthotics, shoe-modifications and protective guards for sports are also orthoses.


Common Prescriptions.

Orthoses are commonly prescribed for the management of temporary impairments such as fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, repetitive strain injuries and others.

Patients with permanent disabilities who benefit from custom orthoses often include individuals with cerebral palsy, stroke, arthritis, muscle weakness, osteo-arthritis of the knee, diabetes (foot deformities or ulceration) and others.

Orthoses will only be effective    if they are the right prescription

AND if they have been carefully fitted and tested on the person.

For best outcomes, you should consult a trained and accredited Prosthetist & Orthotist (P&O). A Prosthetist & Orthotist assesses, prescribes, manufactures and customises orthopaedic devices.

The Australian Orthotics and Prosthetics Association.

The Australian Orthotics and Prosthetics Association (AOPA) is the professional organisation for Australian Prosthetists and Orthotists. All members are required to hold a valid P&O degree, keep up to date with emerging research and technology (via CBD point system) and are obliged to adhere to the AOPA Code of Conduct

FÖRSTER DESIGN (AOPA member since 2012) offers a wide variety of orthotic services. Please call 0402 942 770 or leave a message with your inquiry.