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Orthoses are also known as Splints, Braces or Callipers. Orthoses are orthopaedic devices intended to protect and/ or control parts of the anatomy. They are used to prevent, control or correct musculoskeletal deformities such as contractures or club-feet, or to improve function or healing through improved alignment or restricted range of joint-motion. ...


Prostheses are mechanical devices intended to replace missing limbs. The condition and shape of the remaining anatomy as well as the goals and capabilities of the individual patient will determine the degree of function and the appearance of the prosthesis. Prostheses are fitted externally to the remaining anatomy and may ...

Creative Problem-Solving

Are you missing a specific function, feature, or property in your current brace / prosthesis / wearable technology… and it’s just not available or has never been offered to you? You might have always wanted to get back into playing a particular instrument or sport or just want to be ...
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